SIX Steps to Avoid! To EXPOSE Your 6-Pack ABS! NO Crunches?!

SIX Steps to Avoid! To EXPOSE Your ABS!

SIX Steps to Avoid! To EXPOSE Your ABS!

Six Steps to 6-Pack ABS without Crunches?! Believe it or not, we all have abs! In fact you are sitting with them right now, while reading this article! Some abdominals are just more deeply hidden than others, covered with fat also containing high levels of water. Your abs are hidden gems waiting to be exposed; not just because you want to reveal that your sexy & you know it… However, for increased risk of diabetes, obesity & heart disease, you want to be sure that your waistline is 35 inches or less for women & no more than 40 inches for men, to help keep you in the FitLife Zone! So let’s break it down!

1. Failing to Watch Your Mouth! This is BIG! You can workout until your blue in the face but, you won’t see results if you don’t Watch Your Mouth & the food you but in it! Making poor food choices is one MAJOR flaw, but accompanied with over eating on your portion sizes and “BELLY, we’ve got a problem!” Many people don’t pay attention to what the nutrition label states the recommended portion size according to the foods they eat, whether it is cereal, drinks or any refined food item for that matter; increasing the empty calories you consume. Selecting natural, wholesome foods, while eliminating prepackaged/processed snack foods (yes it’s possible) will be the best choice to make your tummy smile! You can significantly reduce the amount of sodium & sugar intake you are ingesting by going in a fibrous & raw direction but, you’ve still got to Watch Your Mouth!

2. Stop trying to avoid Getting a FitLife! If you find yourself always taking the escalator, elevator & parking to the nearest door entrance to avoid walking the extra blocks, taking the stairs or heaven forbid, doing some strength training & cardio exercises! You are guilty of never wanting to see your abs again! You can only be introduced to your abdominals when you begin to reduce your percentage of body fat & for heaven sake please work on your posture while sitting or walking by keeping your back straight, abdominals tight, shoulders back with your head up! Women tend to store excess bodyweight on the hips, buttocks, thighs & stomach for child bearing purposes; while Men who are not expecting any children, tend to store it predominantly within the abdominal region. Burning calories to stimulate weight loss & reducing Body Fat (BF) to a visible AB percentage for Men from 7-19% BF & Women 13-17% although there’s no written in “Bedrock Stone” rule on what is too low for an individual in terms of body fat; please keep in mind that essential fat is ABS-olutely necessary! BF is stored in smaller amounts of bone marrow, the central nervous system, organs & muscles. This essential fat is needed for normal & healthy functioning for all of the above body systems. BF “storage” that is stocked for energy, for men essentially makes up to 3% & women about 12% as it includes storage in the breasts, hips pelvis & thighs, necessary for the female reproductive function.

3. Drinking Liquid Candy! If you read the “Watch Your Sugar, Sweetie!” article, you’ll know the liquid candy phrase was coined by FitLifer Timothy D. Bellavia who stated “I didn’t realize – what “liquid candy” I was putting into my body (up to 700 to 900 calories in juices, diet sodas and flavored caffeinated drinks alone daily). Just by dropping coffee with sugars and bad syrup flavors, I lost 11lbs! Now, I’m down to 137lbs just by Watching My Mouth… Plus the transformation of 11 pounds can give or take on a frame like mine!” Switch to drinking water to clean out your entire digestive system track and flush out your kidney’s is the best way to start saying hello to your gorgeous abs! When you hydrate your body & brain you also improve the appearance of your skin tone causing you to release more water through excretion, dropping “water retention”. As a rule of thumb, you should drink half of your body weight in ounces. Generally, if you weigh 200lbs, drink 100 ounces (3.13 quarts, 2.98 liters of water a day). For every pound of body weight lost during exercise replace it with 16ozs of water per pound. Athletes are recommended to drink two-thirds of their body weight in ounces per day.  To improve the water intake of our children throughout community schools, SusieQ FitLife & Dr. Jeff Gardere have teamed up with the FOOD FIGHT characters promoting the NYC Government I WANT WATER Campaign with the Touro College, Project Aspire TEAM! (Video Clips Coming Soon!)

4. Late-Night Eating! WHAT?! Wait a minute! You mean it is not wise to eat & sleep? Absolutely not! If you want to kiss your abs goodbye just break this rule every night on a full stomach to awaken with a bloated, beer-belly appearance the following morning! Do you actually believe that you can sleep sound with your digestive track on overdrive during your sleep cycle at night? Just where do you think all that food is going anyways? Typical digestion within healthy adults, usually takes between 24 & 72hrs to process. After eating, it takes about 6-8hrs for food to pass through your stomach & small intestine. Complete elimination from the body may take up to several days and we won’t even get into constipation right now! This tip requires its own upcoming article next month because it is such a serious offense to your 6-pack stomach! Stay tuned as one of our YouTube viewers gets a detailed video response from SusieQ on this topic! Bottom line if you go to bed hungry, you’ll wake up with a flat stomach that will have you screaming “I’m SEXY & I want the world to know it!” REMIX!

5. Stressing OUT linked to Hormonal Imbalance! Women are at greater risk according to studies when reacting to a stressful lifestyle with emotional eating, reduced metabolism, succumbing to cravings, excess nervous energy increasing appetite and we’re not even speaking of the menstrual cycle, PMS & menopause today! An Increase of abdomen visceral fat can promote breast cancer, insulin resistance, stroke, hypertension, high triglycerides, metabolic syndrome & heart attacks! Don’t take this too lightly! Cortisol is known as the “stress hormone” as it is secreted excessively during psychological or physical times of elevated stress. When this disruption occurs, cortisol can promote weight gain & cause fat deposition in the abdominal area. No medical journal has published any studies that link current supplements on the market to reduce cortisol or promote weight loss. There’s no short cut around getting a FitLife! Exercise is the best method to combating chronic stress & cortisol level reduction.

6. Don’t IGNORE Everything You’ve Just Read! Knowledge is not power until it is in practice. If you want to live a long FitLife begin by listening to your body! This means that you must be aware of whether certain food items even agree with your body & knowing what to feed it! Don’t just follow your flock of co-workers to eat Fast Food to join the crowd! Follow your GUT & go your own way and make your own decisions! SusieQ FitLife wants to provide you with all the tools that you need to Get a FitLife! LIKE Us on Facebook for Motivational & FitLife Tips! Be sure to download your FREE 1HR Non-stop FitLife Music Mix Gift to keep you moving while working out or cleaning the house! Abs are made in the kitchen & you must see the bonus “Watch Your Mouth” kitchen feature on the SusieQ FitLife: Arms of a First Lady DVD to help you get your ABS on track! Life Coach, Sal Fichera & ARMED Celebrity Fitness Trainer, SusieQ break down the Nutritional Physiology of macronutrients & beyond!

Lighten Up! This CAT lied to you! Last week on our Funny FitLife Friday Facebook Joke of the day; we featured the cat below, laughing at all of us humans for wanting 6-pack abs! Well the truth is that cats are also born with fantastic abs, built for the wild FitLife! Their survival depends on their abs because it is a challenge to hunt for food with a pot belly & escape the hierarchy food chain! The powerful muscles that animals possess are built for endurance/strength to generate speed, agility & produce quick reflexes upon command. Maybe this means that pet owners are to blame for their pets having excessive belly fur? Hmmm! Every Friday, for the entire month June, we will feature a pet in our Funny FitLife Friday Facebook joke of the day! Stay tuned & feel free to post any of your funny photos on our Facebook Wall! You’re part of our FitLife Family Now! Let’s Get a FitLife!

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