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SusieQ FitLife On YOU

SusieQ FitLife On YOU

“SusieQ FitLife” Women’s Fitness

Clothing Line

SusieQ naturally embarked on creating a female clothing line called “SusieQ FitLife”.  This is a line of clothing that is designed with specially selected fabrics to fit the active lifestyle of a woman from the gym, straight into casual wear on the streets.  Susie found a common denominator personally speaking and working with various women and teens across Canada, New York & Miami.   It is seriously difficult finding colorful, fashionable feel good active wear clothing on the market that compliments the body.

Susie really wanted to do away with exercise clothing which is out dated, lacked correct fitting or sizing, fading fabrics, lack of support, uncomfortable or holding excessive water and sweat. It is so important for women to feel confident, comfortable and good within themselves in order to have an effective and positive training session while at the gym. If you feel inadequate or unsure of yourself while looking in the mirror not enjoying the reflection of the person in the unflattering training outfit; you will feel less confident and most likely to leave the gym once that negative internal voice speaks to you within. 

The good news is you now have a choice to select fitness wear that will compliment your body and hold you in place with added support! Join the elite force and be part of attaining a FitLife that fits your lifestyle and your daily demands.

SusieQ FitLife clothing– represents a confident & positive individual who knows what they want and how they want to look!

The SusieQ FitLife line offers exceptional fit products, high in quality and comfort which is multi-functional for use in or outside of the gym! All fabrics have been tested, tried and true for appropriate workout in cross-training which will suit your lifestyle, inner spirit and energy levels.

Keep up with the constant updates of clothing styles, photo’s and future on-line purchasing which can be done at your convenience. Clothing will range from Spandex stretch leggings, Stretch Flare Pants, Shorts, Sport Dresses, Skorts (Shorts within Skirts) & Sports Bra Tops.

For more information on ordering SusieQ FitLife merchandise or products, please contact