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The First Lady of Fitness!

Jane Fonda SusieQ FitLife

Jane Fonda was on Oprah yesterday.  It is hard to believe that Jane Fonda is at the age of 72 looking incredibly fit & fabulous! Jane Fonda is the First Lady of Fitness!

She spoke so profoundly, that I had to share: To do life right, you keep living until the day you day! The challenge is not to be perfect but to be whole! She demonstrated exercises as the Fitness Icon & Veteran that she is! I strive to have “SusieQ FitLife” empower & encourage people to improve their lives; onward & outward, as Jane Fonda has for the past 3 Decades! Having the Staying Power to “Get a FitLife!” and maintain it… simply, Priceless!

Please feel free to share your thoughts on what inspires you to “Get a FitLife” and how do you plan on living “Your FitLife” from this day forward?

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