Star Trek FitLife Workout Revealed?!

StarTrek FitLife Workout Reveal! Is the SusieQ FitLife Family Interested?!

StarTrek FitLife Workout Reveal! Is the SusieQ FitLife Family Interested?!

Star Trek Celebrates 46 Years! But, Did They Live a FitLife?!

Let’s boldly go where many refuse to go! We’re delving deeper into the FitLife of the Star Trek TEAM! Truthfully, SusieQ FitLife is not familiar enough with the show to know whether or not the Star Trek Voyagers had a FitLife and we’ll be the first to admit that! However, “SusieQ FitLife is all about your FitLife” and we will always continue to work hard on fulfilling the needs of what our FitLife Family needs! We must constantly find cool and fun ways to combat obesity or possibly save a potential Star Trek couch potato; who needs to be infused with FitLife Energy! Learning to “Watch Your Mouth” with nutrition strategies, while avoiding a FOOD FIGHT is only half the battle! Don’t give up! Continue this ongoing mission to explore strange new worlds seeking balance to “Get a FitLife!”

Can You Handle a Star Trek FitLife Workout?

Right now our question to you Trekkie Fans or FitLifers is… would you like SusieQ FitLife to reveal a quick Star Trek Workout; including a few healthy Trek filled snacks? Let us know within the comments section below and we will gladly put a spin on a few Trekkie Recipes & Captain-charged workouts to combat fatigue, depression or specifically for the people who have “No TIME to Work Out!”. We can swap ideas and include your thoughts within this article; if you think it’s a good idea.  We’ll try to implement Facebook comments & feedback, if it is humanly possible and whether or not there may be an interest.  Now, go forth & share the future possibilities! Like Us & Join our FitLife Family!

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