Preparing for a 5K Run!

Make a Run for It!

SusieQ FitLife shows you how to make a run for it preparing for a 5K run on the HealthiGeneration site!

Amanda A Dixon

Blogger, Amanda A. Dixon of the HealthiGeneration website is preparing for her first Marathon and speaks with SusieQ about how to prepare for her big day.  Read more and see the web link below!

What you should know before running your first 5K

Expert tips for beginners looking to run a 5k

If you want to do a 5K, but can’t image yourself running for more than 10 minutes, have no fear. Go ahead and sign up for a race.

“It’s more so mental than anything,” says La’Sara Simon, an Atlanta clinical research assistant scheduled to run her third 5K this spring. “You really have to be dedicated and state in your mind that this is something that you really want to do. Map it out and plan ahead.”

As long as you pace yourself, a 5K (3.1 miles) can be run by just about anyone. Training could take anywhere from seven weeks to six months, so choose a race date that will give you enough time to prepare.

Beginners should start slow.

“Some don’t even know how to run at all in terms of form, technique,” says Susie Wong, celebrity fitness trainer and founder of SusieQ FitLife. “It’s always good to start off walking and then slowly developing into a speed walk and then getting into a short, choppy jog and then eventually into running.”

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***Amanda Dixon is a freelance writer who has also written for Mashable, Chalkbeat and Essence magazine. Born and raised in Atlanta, she currently resides in New York City.  Visit for more details.