Is Adam Carolla Afraid of SusieQ FitLife?

If you were Adam Carolla, you’d be running scared too, if you met SusieQ! She is one armed lady with a challenge that will have viewers hanging off the edge of their seats.  Never before have we seen anything like this outside of Sports & Wrestling! SusieQ FitLife will keep you posted if we hear a “Chirp” from Carolla!

So far silence is not the YouTube word in the comments section of the “SusieQ FitLife vs. Adam Carolla” video clip.  YouTube user “Political Incorrectly” posted “You’re never going to do this so called challenge are you?” At this point SusieQ had to up the ante with a follow up video entitled “Is Adam Carolla Afraid of SusieQ FitLife!” It’s quite an enticing 1.30sec video clip.  She empowers women & motivates men to tone & condition their arms as well!

SusieQ openly reports that she has notified all major TV Networks from Morning, Daytime, Late Night, and Entertainment Shows down to the Newsrooms! SusieQ has made it very clear that the outcome of this “Arms of a First Lady” Challenge will surprise and benefit people! However, she has vowed to only make this an official Televised Announcement! Details will only be available on the or site!

Interestingly, men have already confirmed that they don’t share Carolla’s views about Michelle Obama’s toned arms and women’s arms in general.

Although, the details of what the “Arms of a First Lady” Challenge will entail; many wonder if Carolla is physically up for the challenge.  Jimmy Kimmel & Carolla trained together many years ago; however, one would wonder if either one of them could even handle a SusieQ FitLife workout and “Get a FitLife!”

No matter what the outcome may bring; women are encouraged to work out their arms, regardless of anyone’s personal views.  SusieQ says, “I cannot emphasis enough, the importance of developing upper body strength, aside from the beneficial aesthetic appearance.”  Dr. Oz also, strongly warns the risk of Heart Disease if an individual’s waistline is greater than 35 inches.  Through increasing your upper body strength you can decrease your risk in suffering from heart disease, diabetes and obesity.  SusieQ adds that your arms and entire body will thank you later!

In the meantime, only time will tell if Adam Carolla is running scared from SusieQ FitLife’s “Arms of a First Lady” Challenge! Out of respect the Carolla Camp were contacted directly! However, currently there have been no reports or comments made to-date! Stay tuned to SusieQ for details!

Is Adam Carolla Afraid of SusieQ FitLife?

Is Adam Carolla Afraid of SusieQ FitLife?