Try Something New & SusieQ Will Too!

SusieQ FitLife on NBC's The Today Show!

SusieQ FitLife on NBC's The Today Show!

Try something new & SusieQ will too!

How many times do you read or receive advice through various blogs or articles and wonder if the author is following the same counsel or experiencing the journey with you? Well you are not alone because SusieQ is going through it too!

In fact, trying new things can lead you to explore great adventures!  In the last post entitled “Playing a prank on yourself” focused on not taking yourself too seriously, in order to experience new things.  Creating limitations in our life closes the door on having endless possibilities.  Let’s START to cultivate a new blazing trail that will lead us to some powerful ways of thinking.

Essentially, we need to begin by implementing some small positive changes in our lives and perform new activities! The key work is to start! Here’s a new activity that SusieQ engaged in yesterday to get the ball rolling.  She participated in a new fitness class called Kangoo! This was something SusieQ had never done before with her good trainer friend, Mario.  The exercise consists of wearing a rebound sport shoe which provides many great health benefits.  To demonstrate the moves to you we will actually appear on CBS in a pre-recorded segment.  (Videos, Pics & links will be posted and broadcast times will be announced).

When we open our minds we can change our bodies and “Get a FitLife!” Now it’s your turn. Please let us know what new activity or challenge you are embarking on or better yet have just begun! Weigh in with your thoughts right here!