Slow Food, FitLife Apron Giveaway by the Buffalo Gals!

Put Your Apron On! It’s Watch Your Mouth Wednesday!

Americans have become so accustomed to living in a Fast Food Nation; barley waiting 60-seconds to receive food in a bag while consuming the processed meal quickly (sitting in a drive-thru!). When shopping in a grocery store, people want to zip in & out without standing in a checkout line. People no longer have to chase, climb or hunt for their food these days; removing the physical aspect of working for a meal. The focus has also been removed from the food and onto a TV or computer screen! Whoa! Slow down there partner!

The key ingredient in striving to “Get a FitLife” is to know your foods, “Watch Your Mouth”, sit down, enjoy it with your family, friends or kids and enjoy home-made meals. Healthier food choices are made when more time is spent on food preparation. SusieQ FitLife is about to make this goal more attainable with our FitLife John Deere Apron Giveaway by the Buffalo Gals Bakery! All you have to do is tell us how you are eating or cooking your meals in the comments section below in order to enter to win!
America ranks higher in Obesity & Diabetes rates, compared to other countries like China, France and Turkey; where people spend more time, money and more than 74 minutes to sit down and enjoy their meals (according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development).

In the 1920’s when meals were made from scratch, women spent an average of 5.5-6 hours a day in the kitchen. The 1960’s, brought frozen TV dinners to the market with 35 minutes to spare. Microwavable dishes have people spending 27-15 minutes a day in the kitchen with very little to no food preparation with high sodium meals. Women spend more time preparing food than men do. The higher the household income bracket, the fewer time is spent in the kitchen. Please see the Economic Research Service, USDA graph chart!

Many people seem to spend more time watching cooking programs, rather than taking the time to prepare & cook meals. It takes more time to watch our ARMED Celebrity Chef, Carla Hall on ABC’s “The Chew” or the “Top Chef” type of “Hell’s Kitchen” Food TV shows. We need to take more control over the food items we put into our mouth by preparing them with our own hands!

Abs & the quality of your FitLife are created in the Kitchen. Unfortunately more than a quarter of all meals & snacks are consumed outside the home. We need to incorporate the “slow food” principles of selecting, locally grown food from the Famers Market; while taking the time to enjoy the experience, texture & taste of our foods while eating meals mindfully! Here’s your chance to win your very own FitLife Gift from the Buffalo Gals! Tell us how you are eating or cooking your meals in the comments section for a chance to WIN! A winner will be announced next week on Watch Your Mouth Wednesday! Good Luck & Get a FitLife!

Economic Research Service, USDA