Lady Gaga, RollingOut Magazine & SusieQ-TIPS!

Lady Gaga Legs, RollingOut Magazine & SusieQ FitLife SusieQ-TIPS!
Lady Gaga, RollingOut Magazine & SusieQ-TIPS!

Oh Gaga! Big Announcements! SusieQ FitLife launches an ultra quick Facebook commercial that just spells LOVE! Be sure to LIKE this FB page & watch the AD! STOP the press.  This ARMED Celebrity Fitness Trainer will be RollingOut “SusieQ-TIPS” on an all new “Keep Fit” sessions with RollingOut Magazine! Finally get the legs that you have admired and people adore.  Lady Gaga Legs! The most powerful & largest muscles in the body are our legs! Let’s learn how work these legs safely & effectively with a great strengthening and toning exercise for the outer hips & thighs!

This 3½ min video clip will show you that you don’t need much equipment at all! For beginners no weight is required but, you can use a can of soup if desired.  If you are intermediate to advanced level, you may use a 5-8lbs dumbbell or a bodybar.

Lady Gaga Leg Workout Assume the Solider position #1 SusieQ's favorite! SusieQ FitLife!

Solider position #1 SusieQ's favorite!

Part #1- Assume the Position! (4-Part Session!)

Select 1 of the 3 body positions you feel most comfortable when lying down on your side.

1st Solider position: Place your elbow directly under your shoulder blade with your forearm relaxed and extended in front of you.  Keep your head upright and your body straight.  Do not lean forward!

2nd Centerfold position: Place your elbow to the ground & place your head within your hand in a relaxed stance.  Keep wrist relaxed & upright with your head.  Avoid dropping your head, over-extending your neck, which may cause unnecessary cramping of the neck and wrist.

Lady Gaga Centerfold Position #2 SusieQ FitLife Leg Workout

Centerfold postion #2 Caution to Neck & Wrist!

3rd Spa position: Extend your arm straight down to the ground and drop your ear on top of your shoulder and relax your head as if you were in a spa.

Be sure the palm of your opposite hand is flat on the mat, near your chest to anchor your body in place.  Hips must be aligned and stacked, so the lower hip is relaxed on the mat while the outer hip faces the ceiling. Bottom leg can be bent to provide optimal balance & support.

Lady Gaga Spa position #3 SusieQ FitLife Leg Workout

Spa Position #3 Relaxed Gaga!


Side Leg Lift: Tighten (quadriceps muscle) top of thigh & lift extended leg to the sky straight up & down.  Perform 8-15 reps from 3-5sets, depending on how advanced you are.  Beginners begin with 2-3sets.  As you begin to advance you can change the speed of the exercise and perform a double count in a single repetition.  As you extend the leg count for 2 and then lower the leg down within 4 counts. Do not swing your leg, or let the working foot touch the floor and avoid use of momentum! Be sure to work both legs to avoid creating an imbalance.

Part #2 Outer Thigh & hip work continues & do all women have cellulite? Stay tuned to find out! Visit to visit your new Celebrity Fitness Trainer SusieQ:

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