Lady Gaga Leg Workout, SusieQ & POSH the Prince!

Lady Gaga Legs & Cellulite?! SusieQ meets Lady Gaga’s right hand man “Posh the Prince” who also has great legs! Statistics show that cellulite affects 85-90% of women over the age of 30yrs & younger. Follow RollingOut “SusieQ-TIPS” for improvements and solutions during our Keep Fit sessions… Part #2

Lady Gaga Leg workout with SusieQ FitLife Knee Cross Over

Knee Cross Over & Leg Extension

Use 1 of 3 positions you learned to assume for the following exercises. Perform 8-15 reps from 3-5sets, depending on how advanced you are. Beginners begin with 2-3sets.


Knee cross over & side leg extension — Lying on your side with the bottom leg straight, cross over with the top leg lowering the knee towards the ground and extend the leg out to the side in the air. To modify the movement bring the bent knee forward away from the center of the body and extend the leg out to the side.

Lady Gaga Leg workout with SusieQ FitLife Leg Circles

Leg Circles - Outer Thigh

Pointed Toe Leg Circles– keep bottom leg bent and foot flexed, while raising the top leg up to the sky and circle around forward for a set, then reverse back to front. Range of motion and height of circles will depend largely on your flexibility. Be more concerned about your form rather than the height of extension. Keep your hips stacked & body aligned. Engage your abs to stabilize your body.


Lady Gaga Leg workout with SusieQ FitLife Abductor Leg Lift

Abductor Leg Lift

Abductor Leg Lift – Tighten (quadriceps muscle) top of thigh & lift extended leg to the sky straight up with heel flexed & lower down. Strengthens the outer thigh & improves the flexibility and mobility of your hip joint.


Part #3 Go Gaga for the “Inner Thigh Key Hole”! On the way! Let’s “Get a FitLife!”