Healthy Breakfast! Find Your Best Meal!

What Are You Eating For Breakfast on SusieQ FitLife!

What Are You Eating For Breakfast on SusieQ FitLife!

Finding Your Best Meal for Breakfast!

Good Morning! Do you know what you are having for breakfast today? We hope the answer will be yes! Your answer will determine how you will perform for the rest of the day and that is no joke!

Sure many people realize they need to eat breakfast, but unfortunately many Americans tend to skip this meal which may lead to late-night eating and serious weight gain! Now, if you select unhealthy meals for breakfast, you can also find yourself traveling down the road to heart disease, obesity, hypertension, increased cholesterol levels and other risk factors along your journey!

Do not underestimate the power of a healthy breakfast because it can directly improve your energy, body composition & health for your FitLife! SusieQ FitLife wants to help you find the best hearty meal in order for you to Watch Your Mouth!

What Should I Eat For Breakfast?

Tell us what you’re eating with our poll below and check back next week on August, 29th for our Watch Your Mouth Wednesday, Healthy Breakfast Choices right here! Get a FitLife!
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