Exercising Your Right to VOTE!

Exercise Your Right to Vote on SusieQ FitLife!

Exercise Your Right to Vote on SusieQ FitLife!

Politically Fit!

When disaster strikes like the catastrophic Hurricane Sandy Storm that hit millions of families across the Tri-State area are now dealing with; the lose of homes, personal belongings, power and sadly the lose of lives it becomes very difficult to even think about the elections at all! The reality is that another storm is threatening to strike again after Election Day on Nov. 6th! It is too vital for anyone not to have their own voice be heard through the power of casting a vote! SusieQ FitLife is the only fitness brand that deals with being physically fit & politically fit! When dealing with living a balanced FitLife you must be willing to face every single aspect of maintaining a well-rounded FitLife-style! To reduce the levels of stress an individual can be faced with; it is absolutely necessary to face all essential issues such as when it comes to healthcare, employment, education & the economy; just to name a few core issues. Although, SusieQ FitLife will never tell anyone who they must vote for; the company strongly supports Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign in fighting childhood obesity! President Barack Obama shows his softer side, in an image below; carrying the baby of one  of SusieQ’s Celebrity TV Producer client’s,  The SusieQ FitLife company is a huge supporter of the Obama’s; however, they encourage all FitLifers to make their own decisions! After all, voting is the most precious right that an individual can exercise to the fullest!

Words of Wisdom from Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou: It is your job to vote. It is your responsibility, your right & your privilege. You may be pretty or plain, heavy or thin, gay or straight, poor or rich. But remember this: In an election,
every voice is equally powerful; don’t underestimate your vote! Go, rise up, and let your friends & family in early vote states know where they can vote today. We must make our voices heard: Your vote is not only important. It’s imperative!

Your FitLife Challenge!

Regardless of which party you represent, whether you are a Democrat, Republican,or otherwise; watching all of these political debates & campaigns on C-Span may have left you packing on a few extra pounds, snacking in front of the tube! Fear not because you will perfectly fall into our 40-Day FitLife Fall Challenge Please sign your FitLife Declaration and begin to reclaim your FitLife! Please be sure to read Michelle Obama’s empowering words for every First Lady; regarding personal well-being & health; posted right here on our: Facebook page!



Political Science!

Voting for a contestant on “American Idol” or “The Voice” TV Show, may feel like an easier task than voting for a President if you live in the Storm Zone.  But, we must find a way! This race is just too close for comfort.  Again, SusieQ FitLife will never tell you how to vote; but we will remind you how powerful your voice is & that it must be heard! Exercise your right to VOTE & Get a FitLife! We wish you all the best & please join our FitLife Family on Facebook @ www.Facebook.com/SusieQFitLife.com