Carolla, SusieQ & Rush! Armed Challenge!

Carolla, SusieQ & Rush! The Armed Challenge!

Carolla, SusieQ & Rush! The Armed Challenge!

Up Coming: SusieQ’s Televised Challenge TBA!

WELCOME to the ALL-New SusieQ FitLife official website! You will never find another FitLife related site like this on the PLANET! Be very prepared to be ROCKED & Informed all at the same time!

SusieQ FitLife is an inspirational movement focusing on health, wellness and fitness goals throughout the community improving and empowering your life through entertainment, fitness and lifestyle products! We will help you to achieve the necessary balance you need in your life, while you “Watch Your Mouth!”

Adam Carolla vs SusieQ FitLife! Can Jimmy Kimmel Help Him?

Click To Watch: SusieQ FitLife vs Adam Carolla!

SusieQ brings the HEAT all Summer long, with the “Arms of a First Lady” Challenge to Adam Carolla that may involve his good friend Jimmy Kimmel! The announcement will broadcast on TV! Soon to make Carolla regretful about his comments on MSNBC’s show “Morning Joe” regarding Michelle Obama & Madonna’s Arms! Read or watch video clip.

But WAIT! There’s MORE! SusieQ delivered Rush Limbaugh an intense “Watch Your Mouth!” message that will give him a wake-up call for his “Below the Belt” comments to our First Lady Michelle Obama! Watch this must see video & read more: