Carla Hall’s “Cooking with Love” FitLife Contest!

Chef Carla Hall's Cooking with Love! FitLife Contest with SusieQ FitLife! Enter Here!

Chef Carla Hall's Cooking with Love! FitLife Contest with SusieQ FitLife! Enter Here!

Watch Chef Carla Hall from “The Chew” on Wendy Williams & The Rachael Ray Show to WIN!

Enter to WIN a Personalized Autographed Copy of Carla’s brand new book “Cooking with Love”

SusieQ FitLife is proud to present the “Cooking with Love!” FitLife Contest!

Chef Carla Hall, Co-host of ABC’s “The Chew” will personal autograph a copy of her brand new book to one lucky FitLifer!

The fun part about this contest is that Carla Hall came up with the question people will have to answer below! Celebrity Fitness Trainer, SusieQ did not waste any time to make this official announcement!

Contest Entry Rules:

  1. Watch Carla Hall on “The Rachael Ray Show” & “The Wendy Williams Show”
  2. Choose only one favored dish that Carla Hall made on either show
  3. Tell us why that meal “Hugs You Back!” in the comments box below
  4. LIKE @Chef Carla Hall & SusieQ FitLife on Facebook

The Contest Closes on Sunday, December 16th @ 8PM!

Only ONE will be selected in a random draw based on the reply entries below by Chef Carla Hall!

Comfort Foods That Hug You!

Carla Hall admits that this book is a proud accomplishment of all her work.  It is her personal life story of family life, memories, emotions and sharing hugs, through the love of food.  “Cooking with Love” is a beautiful way for Carla to hug each and every single reader who is willing to use her techniques & recipes! If you can’t wait for Carla Hall to hug you back with her food; simply order her book right here:

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Watch Carla Hall weekdays on ABC’s The Chew @ 1pm!

PS: Get Carla’s Recipes on Wendy Williams here:

Get Carla’s Recipes on Rachael Ray right here:

Watch Your Mouth & Get a FitLife! GOOD LUCK!