Brooke Burke has Thyroid Cancer!


Brooke Burke has Thyroid Cancer! SusieQ FitLife

Brooke Burke has Thyroid Cancer! Reports SusieQ FitLife

TV Co-host of “Dancing with the Stars”, Brooke Burke Confesses “I Have Thyroid Cancer!

Brooke Burke had a successful surgery on Dec.6th! Please see the original story published below on Nov. 9th!
Many women in America may be shocked to learn that the body they have admired frequently on the front cover of various fitness magazines & TV commercials over the years; would actually be diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  Yet, surprisingly it is true.  Brooke Burke-Charvet, is often viewed as the perfect picture of good health is battling cancer and is removing a cancerous nodule from her thyroid gland.  She openly reveals in a YouTube video within her own bedroom that, “I need to have thyroid surgery, a thyroidectomy, which means that I am going to have a nice big scar, right here, across my neck.” Brooke outlines the area of her neck in the image below that can be seen on the video clip.  It is not confirmed that she will undergo any radiation therapy that normally involves radioactive iodine pills absorbed by the thyroid or x-ray beams.

Disease Predominantly Strikes Middle-Aged Women

Astonishingly this stunning mother of 41yrs of four children is currently on the cover of Shape magazine on newsstands! However, the unfortunate reality is that Burke-Charvet’s doctor discovered a lump in her neck while performing a routine check-up, 8-months ago!  Brooke admitted that she was fearful of the outcome and hesitated to take any action until now; stating, “I’m ready to deal with it, and I’m going to be fine.”  Celebrity Fitness Trainer, SusieQ urges women to pay attention to this situation because the disease predominantly strikes middle-aged women and the incidence within this group is rather high.  In spite of what many people would believe, symptoms may not always be obvious nor appear at all! However, women are still about four times more likely than men to suffer from hyperthyroid disorders, eight times more likely to suffer hypothyroidism.  Finally, women are twice as likely as men to suffer from thyroid tumors.

The thyroid secretes several hormones that regulate blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature and metabolism which in turn directly affects body weight, growth & development.  Strength training exercise is always recommended to build muscle and increase the metabolic rate.  Muscle cells, metabolically are more active than fat cells; hence burning seven to eight times more calories than fat.  Many people with this type of cancer are prescribed with thyroid hormone pills for the rest of their lives.  There are various options that one can take in this journey that will be outlined on the SusieQ FitLife site.

The good news is that this type of cancer is highly treatable and highly curable.  Brooke proudly mentions that “Doctors say this is a good kind of cancer to have.” Fear should never be the reason anyone avoids dealing with personal health problems.  Ms. Burke-Charvet is guilty of the one thing that many mother’s may also be guilty of, as she says “I guess the truth is, I’m always so used to being in control and taking care of everybody and all my kids, and now I find myself in this really out-of-control situation.”  SusieQ FitLife cannot stress enough about the importance of “putting yourself first”.  This mantra can save anyone from avoidable medical problems and bouts of stress.  Burke-Charvet now confesses that “I feel really good, and I’ve actually never felt better and that’s what’s so crazy about this whole thing,” she said. “I’m just going to make a positive out of this negative thing.”

Thyroid disease affects about 2.5% of the American population, but approximately half the cases of thyroid disease involve hyperthyroidism and the other half involves hypothyroidism. Despite the differing outcomes, the main cause of the disease as it occurs today is an autoimmune process.  More than 56,000 people are diagnosed with thyroid cancer each year in the U.S.  However, less than 1,800 Americans die from the disease annually; according to the National Cancer Institute.

Brooke Burke explains why she published the online video yesterday, “I didn’t want anyone to read about it and get the wrong idea or think that I’m sick, because I’m not.  I don’t get to just walk around and pretend like nothing happened or not follow up or not share, because it’s going to be pretty much dead center.”  It would appear that physical scars should be the least of Brooke’s worries; not because a highly qualified surgeon will reduce the chance of minimal to no scarring.  Howbeit,it is good to be healthy, from the inside out! Nothing is more valuable than having peace of mind and a FitLife!