Bloating & Gas Relief in 6 Steps!

6 Tips to Stop the Bloating & Gas!

6 Tips to Stop the Bloating & Gas!

Your stomach feels bloated, your jeans won’t zip up & you couldn’t hold in your stomach for more than 6 seconds to save your FitLife! Yeah it feels like you’ve gained 12pounds in 12minutes due to gas. But, truthfully, bloating can easily add up to 3inches or more to your waistline for both men & women. Let’s break down the culprit behind that bloated feeling!

We have 6 simple FitLife tips to help you feel right, light & tight!

1. Eating on the Run!

Eating food & drinking through a straw while on the run is an easy way to swallow gulps of air that produces an exogenous source of gas. Watch Your Mouth & keep it closed with chewing your food (in high class fashion). Sit down, eat slowly and you’ll also avoid the hiccups!

2. AWW Freak Out! NOT!

In a state of stress the body can increase the amount of gas in the intestine. Emotional & excessive stress can result in a hydrochloric acid build up within the intestinal tract. Great ways to relieve that stress is through laughter. Find funny friends because they can help reduce the gas & acid in your stomach! You can also do the opposite & fire all of the difficult people in your FitLife and learn to relax.

3. Watch Your Mouth of Salty & Fatty Foods!

Unless you enjoy retaining water & feeling fuller than you really are cut down the salt & be sure not to add it to your food! Salt is also hidden in various foods so pay attention to the nutritional labels and try not to exceed 2,000mg. High sodium filled foods is not your only worry; however, high fatty & processed foods also enjoying raising the stakes of high blood pressure too! Pass the pineapples because they help ease digestion & break down proteins in the body!

4. Feeding the Bottomless Pit!

If you turn a blind eye to portion size or eat through emotional triggers, than this is a serious crime! Your digestive system has to work overtime in one sitting, digesting a large portion of food. Put less on your plate with the correct portion size of food. Within 20mins the signal from your gut will connect with your brain with the email message that it is full. Simply say cheers with a cup of chamomile or peppermint tea to settle & soothe your stomach. Include a glass of water and you’ll be calm.

5. Dairy’s Not Scary! Right?

Dairy can be another monster of intestinal distress; especially for lactose intolerant individuals (significantly affecting various ethnicities including Asians, African Americans & Hispanic people). Digesting milk sugar creates difficulty for the intestines to absorb certain elements of dairy products. This can trigger abdominal pain, cramping and are common symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.  If you can’t stomach dairy products it is worth taking the time to research what foods agree with your system & not aggravate your digestive system.  Unsweetened almond milk is an excellent alternative to milk, especially if it is home made! Here’s a great all-natural almond milk recipe on our Facebook page that you can try at home from the Powerful Pioneers non-profit group! Immediate relief for your body would be to engage in physical activity outdoors with a brisk 15-minute walk and you may pass gas peacefully when alone!

6. Soda, Gum & WHAT?!

The obvious is true, extreme gas pains can be caused by soda & carbonated drinks. Chewing gum & hard candy can also induce bloating. Sugar-free versions are even worse due to the fermented bacteria in the gut from xylitol & sorbitol.  Surprisingly some of the most highly nutritious vegetables & fruits can cause various people to produce gas from prunes, carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, cabbage, beans and pears creating an odoriferous outcome. The best solution is to combine the fruits & vegetables with other foods to help prevent & beat that bloated feeling!

If painful and embarrassing side effects occur from bloating frequently; it may lead to possible warning signs of larger health issues!  It is extremely important to alway do your own research and see what is best for your own body! In the meantime be sure to Watch Your Mouth & Get a FitLife!