18 Minute FitLife Burnout Workout REPEAT!


18 Minute BurnOut Workout from SusieQ FitLife

18 Minute BurnOut Workout from SusieQ FitLife

No Excuses! You Have 18 Minutes to Get a FitLife!

You don’t have time to workout but, now you do! Put yourself FIRST even if it’s for 18mins today! Your body will thank you for it later! The biggest competitor is yourself! Please time your workout and count out LOUD to see how many repetitions you can safely complete within the :30-60secs intervals time frame. The goal is to beat your previous documented speed record every time! Overtime you will increase your endurance levels! SusieQ will provide you with more workouts with more Metabolic Resistance Training, coming up next! SusieQ teamed up with AbiolaTV at the YouTube headquarters with an Arms of a First Lady & Beyonce’ Booty workout! You won’t want to miss it! January, 2013!

This workout is a bit tough; please work at your own pace and try to squeeze in 2 additional minutes for a warm-up including a step touch or march-in-place before you proceed to your Supermodel Walk! Use proper form and don’t forget to use a stopwatch and document your time! If any exercise is too difficult, please use that time to march in place before the next interval challenge begins! Next week we will present our FitLife BMI Counter for all of you FitLifers! SMILE! Watch Your Mouth & Get a FitLife!

18-20 Minute Fitlife BurnOut Workout Repeat!

1. Supermodel Walk front back :30secs
2. Knee lifts+Shoulder Press Hop:30secs
3. Jumping Jacks 55-115per/Min: 1min
4. Lunges Fwd & Back 24reps/Min: 2min
5. Burpees (Jump Up & down push-ups):60secs
6. Push Ups or Kneel Gliders :45secs
7. Jog with knees upward :60secs
8. Tricep Dips :60secs
9. Mountain Climbers :60secs
10. Squat w/kicks :75secs
11. Running butt kicks
12. Side Planks :60secs
13. Jump Squats :60secs
14. Wall Squat Sit :60secs
15. Ski Hop Jacks :60secs
16. Jog/Walks :60secs
17. Reverse Crunches :60
18. Crunches+Touch Sky!

Now that you’ve Mastered the BURN… REPEAT & bring your body to the BurnOut stage! Here’s some Mental FitLife Energy to keep you going! Never forget that it’s easier to burn fat if we avoid saturated fats, high levels of hidden sugars & sodium in our foods; than it is to consume poor choices in food & repeating the FitLife BurnOut workout repeatedly! In the UK the Phenomenal Healthstyle.tv website loves the 18minute workout rule from Bella Marie FitLife: click here to read more! Watch Your Mouth & Get a FitLife!

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