10-Step FitLife Countdown for 2013!

Start the New Year Off Wrong or Right?!

The New You?! The 2013 New Year has begun whether you choose to start it off right or wrong! Time waits for no one, so let’s get this FitLife 10-Step Countdown underway!

10. Overdosed & Depressed! We’re going to keep it real in the FitLife. The truth is that many people may be guilty of overeating with little to no physical activity during the winter hibernating season.  Failing  to Watch Your Mouth will not be kept secret because what you eat in private will show up on your in public! It’s about balance not perfection. Be more concerned about what you consume over the course of a year, as opposided to what you part take during the holi-DAYS! How consistent are you during the year rather than a few days?

9. Get Mentally FIT! Once you align your vision to create a healthy & balanced FitLife-style you become the person you need to be for yourself! Put your FitLife glasses on & take action! A FitLife equals a balance of being emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually & financially FIT! We didn’t mention the importance of relationships & how well you spend your “ME TIME” Get excited about your FitLife this 2013! Why shouldn’t you be excited? You are an extraordinary person & this is a new a New DAY! Seek different results & Get a FitLife!

8. Drowning in Intoxicating Sugar-filled Distractions! Surprisingly this step is not about the obvious.  You already know that drowning your sorrows with excessive alcoholic beverages will not improve any situations going on in your life.  Self-distractions are similar to sitting in a parking lot for an endless period of time, while others pass you by on the sober highway to a FitLife! Sugar-filled beverages/sodas won’t make you feel great nor improve your figure after you experience bouts of energy boosts and tragic let downs.  Whether you decide to make resolutions at the start of the year or not; you still have the right to make clear changes anytime you wish! If you are reading this post halfway through January or towards the end of 2013 (when the time arrives); only you have the power to decide if you will be nourished & fulfilled or tired & dissatisfied! How you choose to spend your days will determine how you will live the rest of your FitLife!

7. Purge, Baby Purge! Naturally, you know where to go to release all of your daily crap & unleash your heavy loads of waste.  However, it is not always easy to recognize & release all of the unnecessary things from your FitLife, including: toxic relationships/people, clutter, unwholesome food items, unhealthy environments, energy drainers & disposable garbage.  Disconnecting yourself from unhealthy people may be easier than avoiding bad food! It’s impossible to communicate with people that you don’t share your time with nor allow yourself to entertain.  Repeat these words out loud: Omit, delete, and say flush! Move on!

6. Go There! It’s not about where you are! It’s about where you’re going in your FitLife! Be patient, kind & calm with yourself! You become an inspiration to others, when you become self-disciplined and consistent with your actions! The beauty about the start of a New Year is that you can begin again for the FIRST TIME! Stop thinking about it & take a chance in a new direction on the way you choose to live your FitLife!


5. Be Giving, Loving & Generous… To Yourself! Yes, it is wonderful to share and give to others; however, if you fail to be all of these things to yourself & more, may block your blessings and prevent you from getting a FitLife! Learning to put yourself FIRST is the 1st rule to the Get a FitLife Declaration.  If you fail to put yourself First, no one will ever put you first… and it will be your own fault! Teach others how to treat you, when you lead by example!

4. Be Present Today Leave Yesterday Behind! When yesterday’s thoughts take up too much of your time today; you’ll soon realize that you are not living a FitLife! Feel every nerve, every bone, every muscle in your body.  Give your full undivided attention to those in front of you! Surround yourself with good quality, honest, humourous & selfless people, who also best represent you!

3. Feel the Butterflies in your Stomach In any aspect of life when you are not making mistakes or taking a fall; it’s safe to say that you’re not really living a FitLife! Embrace your fears & be happy when challenges arise because they are opportunities for success waiting to be found! In the words of Rap Artist & FitLifer Chosan who says there is a “Beautiful side of Misery”.  When you can find resolutions in problems they tend to lead you through greater experiences.  Be open to feel nervous emotions without running away and remain calm & strong throughout the course of the ride!

2. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others! Save yourself the drama & pain of feeling less than important or qualified than another.  Unless you enjoy feeling bad about yourself, while simultaneously diminishing the little self-respect & any trace of possible self-esteem into the recycle bin than knock yourself out.  Preferably you may like the sound of pulling yourself up & enrichening the quality of your life to higher heights! Think about it! How many people deliberately do their best to become unsuccessful, less valued & unworthy in life? Hopefully, not too many.  Focus on yourself rather than shine a spotlight on what others are doing or what they may have.  Refrain from jealous or envious behavior; as that energy is toxic & won’t get you ahead.  You have the power to change your environment & the people who surround you! There is a dynamic blend of people who can help bring out the best in you! See the bigger picture & choose your inner circle wisely; as they are a reflection of you!

1. Revive Your FitLife! When you commit to making changes you actually give yourself a chance to produce changes! Let’s start by making & raising a glass of a reviving juice that you can make with your own hands after your workout! Cheers to moving onward, forward & upward with an all natural drink that might be just what you need today!

Ingredients: Pear, Orange & Ginger!

2 Medium Pears – Peel, cut & deseed

4 Oranges Medium – Peel

1 Thumb of Ginger – Peel & thinly chop

Slowly combine all ingredients in blender or juicer until smooth.  Pour it on the rocks and share with a friends as this serves two people.  Say cheers to developing a new mindset that will produce fruitful actions towards your FitLife!