“Sesame Street” Characters are quietly getting pulled from Pampers!

Pampers is ditching ‘Sesame Street’ diapers amid gender concerns

It’s really true Pampers has downgraded the quality of their product by removing the Sesame Street characters, along with reducing the absorbency, reflecting something that looks like it came from the dollar store at a high price point. If that is not enough to add insult to injury the real fear may be caused by the Sesame Street Characters appearing to be too masculine for their consumers.

Do we have to worry about the sexual orientation of a puppet and whether or not Bert & Ernie are having any relations at all? Hmm…

Please see the New York Post article written by Lisa Fickensher: https://nypost.com/2018/09/16/pampers-quietly-pull-sesame-street-characters-from-diapers/